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August 30, 2022

Dilemma: which country to choose?

Deciding on the best country to study in a foreign country is a strenuous task and a well-thought-out process. A Student needs to be cautious, strategic, and practical while selecting the desired destination and the courses to opt for. Here is a breakdown of the 5-pronged strategy that we can use to choose our desired country to move in.

  1. GEOGRAPHICAL LOCATION AND WEATHER CONDITIONS:    It is One of the most significant aspects students
    consider before moving abroad. Your preference for hot or cold weather  can narrow down your research.
  2.  COURSE AND SCOPE: Extensive research is required to choose the course and understand the scope of the selected program and whether it provides internship and co-op programs during their collegiate year.
  3.  EMPLOYMENT POSSIBILITIES: one needs to be aware of the Visa requirements as there may be restrictions in certain countries that might not allow one to stay after completing the course. Analyze the The employment rate in your subject area and explore organizations where you can apply your skills.
  4.  ROI AND VALUE OF DEGREE BACK IN INDIA: Return on Investment is an essential factor for parents and students. Questions regarding return on investment are subjective as it entirely depends upon the course that you have chosen. So, in-depth research of the particular program is required.
  5. ENTRY REQUIREMENTS: It is crucial to first go through the entry requirements, like language proficiency test, previous work
    experience, past years of education, and others. Thereby, carefully examining the course and university is crucial before applying.

In your search for the best destination to move abroad, the GOLDEN PILLARS team is here to counsel you for free!!!

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